Up Lighting
Up lighting can turn any venue into an elegant fairytale, even a pole barn!  Lights can be any color combination of red, blue, and yellow... So we can do those three primary colors, and also: Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Teal, Amber...you get the picture.  If you have two different wedding colors, or maybe a Holiday Party,  go wild and have both colors shining bright! (Green & Red look very festive for a Company Holiday Party!)  We have extras lights on hand in case of any mishaps, and will set up a few hours before the day of the event so there is no added stress on you, plus,  cords will be out of the way so none of your guests will be tripping over them.  Up lighting packages are between $150-350 extra, depending on the number of lights you want to spruce up the joint. 
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